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InterLibrary Loans: SALUS

For all SA Health staff - Interlibrary Loan information and request form

There are 3 ways to submit an Interlibrary Loan request...

1.   Complete a blank request form (login with your SALUS username and click Create Request from the left-hand panel). Please check the SALUS catalogue before submitting a request - you may have immediate access to the item

2.   Working from an OVID database? Click on "Item not available...Request it!" to generate pre-populated request form

3.   Look for the "Unavailable through SALUS...request it!" button when searching the SALUS library catalogue (as seen in the screen shot below). This button will generate a pre-populated request form. TIP : You may need to scroll down the page to see the "request it" button​


Every effort is made to complete your Interlibrary Loan request as quickly as possible. However, document/book retrieval is subject to varying factors such as:

  • Interstate time differences
  • How many libraries hold or have access to the resource
  • Weekends/Public Holidays (SA Health Libraries are not open)
  • If the request is available electronically or hard copy only (the library cannot guarantee your article will be available electronically)
  • The postal/courier service - requests may take two-three weeks to arrive

  If your request is required urgently or within a certain time frame please complete an online form and email library staff your "required by" date or time

Access your Interlibrary Loan account HERE (login with your SALUS username)

What's on your account page?

  • A list of all your Interlibrary Loan requests (both current and completed); including access to many of your PDF articles (Click on My Requests)
  • Access to a blank request form (Click on Create Requests)
  • A link to the SALUS online catalogue (Click on Search SALUS)
  • Interlibrary Loan information page  (Click on Help)
  • Leave your account (Click on Sign Out)


Tip: For staff with more than one SALUS account the username used to submit the request will be the same username needed when accessing your Interlibrary Loan account. Please do not swap between usernames when submitting and viewing requests.

Email the Interlibrary Loan team here

Phone for assistance on 8282 0777 or 8222 5533

Or contact your "local" SA Health Library



Are Interlibrary Loans (ILL) free?

The majority of Interlibrary Loans are free, with the cost covered by the SA Health Library Service. If there is a fee, the interlibrary loan team will contact you before purchasing takes place

Will I need a username and password for the ILL system?

You will need a username only. This will be your current SALUS username

Will all library users in SA Health use the same ILL system?


Do I need to visit my "local" SA Health library page or intranet to make a request?

No, all Interlibrary Loan information, links and forms are accessible from the front SALUS page 

Can I make requests from home?

Yes, requests can be submitted from any device or location with an internet connection

What if I have more than one SALUS account, and therefore have more than one username?

There is no need to use more than one username or swap between accounts when using the ILL system. Simply choose one of your current SALUS usernames to use for all your ILL submissions

Will articles be emailed to me?

Most electronic articles will be accessible from your Interlibrary Loan account. Login to check your requests and view PDF files

Can I keep track of my requests?

Your Interlibrary Loan account account will allow you to see your list of current and past requests, to cancel a request and also to access PDF files

Blank request forms

Using the "Unavailable through SALUS...request it!" button and submitting a pre-populated form will be the quickest ILL method, but this may not always be possible - a blank request form may still need to be completed and submitted

When filling in a blank request form enter as much detail as possible, but don't worry too much if you cannot complete all fields

Where to find the request button on the SALUS catalogue

From the SALUS library catalogue the only way to see the request button is to click on the title of a journal, article or book, and not the "view now", "availability" or "vew all editions" links 

The below screen shot shows where the request button is located on the screen (after clicking on the title of the article). The request button may not always be immediately visible on screen - you may need to scroll down the screen to see it.

Searching the's a quicker way to submit a request using a pre-populated form

If you locate an article on the internet or on a publishers site (i.e. you can't see the library's request button). Simply copy and paste the entire article title into the library catalogue and search. The library may not have immediate access to the full text, but what you will hopefully see is the request button - click on this to automatically populate the online form. This will save you time, as there will be no need to type all the citation details into a blank form (use the same process for a book)

Why am I seeing a request button when the item is immediately accessible?

You may see the request button next to journals or articles with available access, but don't forget the library might only have access to a journal for a certain number of years - e.g. 1999 to 2011, and you require an article from 2014, so the request button will still need to be visible for all years access is not available

Which database will show an Interlibrary Loan request button?

All the OVID related databases



There are three ways to submit an Interlibrary Loan request:

1.   Complete and submit a blank interlibrary loan request form

  • Look for Create Request or Create an Interlibrary Loan RequestLogin using your SALUS username and click Create Request from the left-hand panel
  • Not all the fields on the form need to be completed, but please supply as much information as possible
  • Indicate a pick up location (if required) 

Remember to check the SALUS library catalogue before submitting a request - you may have immediate access to the item

2.   Click the "request it!" button from the library catalogue (as shown below) to generate a pre-populated request form

          3.    Look for the "Item not available...Request it!" link when using any OVID database (e.g. MedLINE; PsycINFO; EMBASE). Clicking on the link will automatically populate an Interlibrary Loan request form

Where do I find the request button on the library catalogue?

  • If you begin your search from the front SALUS page, the next screen will be a results list. From the results list, the only way to see the request button is to click on the title of the item (as circled in the screen shot below). If you click on the "View Now" or "Availability" links you will not see the request button

What will happen when I click on the request button?

  • Firstly, you will be asked to login with your SALUS username
  • An automatically populated form will then appear with all the citation details completed
  • Check the details are correct, then choose a pickup location if applicable (e.g. if you are requesting a book); or, add a special instruction (e.g. "this is an urgent patient care request").
  • Click request and you're done!

Service available from South Australian Health Libraries

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