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SA Health Library Service: SALUS registration

SALUS registration

Registration and password

If you have a SAHealth Athens registration

If you have an Athens registration, you will have been automatically registered for the new EzProxy system, however you will need to activate that registration and set a new password. To  get your new password ready please go to:

Enter your old Athens username and click on Recover password. This will send an email to your registered email address (the one you registered on Athens with) with a link to manage your password.

  • From here you will be able to choose a  password of your own liking. That password must have at least one alpha and one numeric character and be at least 8 characters long.
  • We can also change your username to one that is more to your liking, but you will need to contact us after you have registered a password on the system.
  • If you have forgotten your Athens username, please contact your local health library and they can access that information for you.
  • If you are registered at more than one site, please create a new password for each new site account.
  • If you receive this email but do not have a current Athens logon, please use the SALUS registration form on the SALUS website to apply for one.(please use Chrome, IE10 or Firefox to open this form)

If you have never registered to access electronic access to SA Health library resources

If you are a member of the SA Health workforce, then you will be eligible to access the SAHealth Library Service. Use Chrome, IE10 or Firefox to register for a SALUS username and password to access the electronic resources. Please choose your own username - it can be the same as your HAD computer username.

  • You may register with your work or personal email address.
  • If you are employed at more than one site in SA Health please complete a registration form for each site, using a different username.
  • If you work in the mental health area please choose SA Mental Health as your work site to gain access to the most relevant resources.

After registration

After registration, you will receive an email with your username and an authorisation link. Click on the link and enter a password of your choosing and record your username & password.

You can reset your password if you have forgotten it or wish to change it.

Now you can start using your username and password to access the databases, electronic books (e-books) and electronic journals (e-journals).

Why do you need an authentication login?

An authentication process is necessary to enable access the electronic resources subscribed to by SAHealth for your use.  The logon acts as a personal account which can be used for many resources.

Once you have logged onto SALUS, you will stay logged into SALUS until you:

  • close your browser windows
  • clear your cache
  • shut down your computer.