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SA Pharmacy Medicines Information Service


Information on COVID-19 is rapidly evolving. 
Last updated: 30th August 2022



Your Questions, Our Responses

Medicines Information has received a number of COVID-19 related medicine enquiries. To facilitate knowledge sharing we are publishing our responses online. 

We will continually update this section with questions that are of relevance to health care professionals. 

National and State Vaccine Resources

Australian Government Department of Health - COVID-19 Vaccines

News and information for Australians about the development, approval process and plans for COVID-19 vaccines

TGA COVID-19 Vaccines

Includes information on vaccine safety, quality and effectiveness for consumers and health care professionals.

25/01/21 - Approval of Australian Pfizer Vaccine
15/02/21 - Approval of Australian AstraZeneca Vaccine
09/08/21 - Approval of Australian Moderna Vaccine

SA Health - COVID-19 Vaccinations

About COVID-19 vaccines and vaccination programs available in South Australia

NPS Medicinewise - COVID-19 Hub

Evidence-based information for healthcare professionals and consumer about COVID-19 and COVID-19 vaccines.


Guide: Allergy and COVID-19 Vaccination

This Guide has been developed by ASCIA, based on the current knowledge regarding COVID-19 vaccines, allergic reactions and people with allergic conditions.about COVID-19 vaccines.

Updated: 17 February 2021.

International Vaccine Resources

ASHP COVID-19 Vaccines Resource Center

Includes information on vaccine safety, handling and administration resources


BMJ Best Practice - COVID-19 Primary Prevention: Vaccines

Includes clinical summary, vaccine safety, comparison table of the Pfizer/BioNTech, Moderna and AstraZeneca COVID-19 vaccine

NEJM COVID-19 Vaccine - Frequently Asked Questions

A collection of resources on COVID-19 vaccines, including health professional FAQs, published research and commentary. 

Vaccinating against COVID-19 in people who report allergies

WHO COVID-19 Vaccines

Includes information on vaccine safety, how vaccines work and FAQs for consumers and healthcare professionals.


Training Resources



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