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Grey literature

How to search and evaluate the grey literature


Google Advanced Search can be used to effectively search the web for grey literature.

The AACODS checklist was designed by Jess Tyndall to enable evaluation and critical appraisal of grey literature and has the flexibility to be applied to a wide range of resources.

AACODS (Authority, Accuracy, Coverage, Objectivity, Date and Significance)

  • Authority: Is the author credible?
  • Accuracy: Is it supported by documented and authoritative references? Is there a clearly stated methodology? Is it 'in line' with other work on the same topic
  • Coverage: Have limitations been imposed and are these stated clearly?
  • Objectivity: Can bias be detected?
  • Date: Can't find the date? Rule of the thumb is to avoid such material
  • Significance: Is it relevant? Would it enrich or have an impact on your research?