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Changes to Print Book Access

In accordance with current COVID-19 recommendations, SA Health Library Service has temporarily paused access to print books. This includes borrowing, placing holds on, or requesting interlibrary loans of print books. 

We have a wide range of eBooks, eJournals and other eResources to continue to meet your needs during this time. Please contact us to discuss what we can offer you.

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For urgent requests please phone 7074 2659 to let us know.

Urgent requests can only be processed between 8:30am-4:00pm Monday to Friday (excluding public holidays).

Document Delivery Help

Ways to submit a request...

1.   Complete a blank request form (login with your SALUS username and click Create Request from the left-hand panel). ** Check the Library catalogue before submitting a request - you may have immediate access to the item

2.   From any OVID database. Click on "Item not available...Request it!" to generate a pre-populated request form

3.   Look for the 'Unavailable through SALUS...request it!' button when searching the catalogue. Tip: You may need to scroll down the page to see the 'request it!' button​

4. Look for the blue bar that says "Item unavailable through SALUS? Click here to request an Interlibrary Loan!" at the top of the screen when you search the catalogue.

Is the Document Delivery service free?

Will I need a username and password to use the service?

What if I have more than one SALUS account, and therefore more than one username?

Can I submit a request from home?

Will articles be emailed to me?

Email the Interlibrary Loans team 

Phone the Interlibrary Loans team on 8282 0777 or 7074 2659

My request is urgent!


Every effort is made to complete your request quickly. However, document retrieval is subject to varying factors such as:

  • Different Australian time zones
  • How many libraries hold or have access to the resource
  • Weekends/Public Holidays 
  • If the article is available in print only (the library cannot guarantee your article will be available electronically)
  • The postal/courier service - requests may take two-three weeks to arrive

​If your request is required urgently or within a certain time frame please let us know by calling 7074 2659 during business hours.

More help... requesting from the library catalogue

Where is the request button and what does it look like?

From the Library catalogue the only way to see the request button is to click on the title of a journal, article or book.

The request button is circled in the screen shot below. The button may not always be visible on screen - you may need to scroll down to see it.

What will happen when I click on the request button?

  • Login with your SALUS username (if a login box appears)
  • A pre-populated form will appear with all the citation details completed
  • Check the details are correct, then select a pickup location if applicable (e.g. if you are requesting a book); or, add a special instruction
  • Click request and you're done!

Why am I seeing a request button when the item is immediately accessible?

You may see the request button next to journals or articles with available access, but don't forget the library might only have access to a journal for a certain number of years - e.g. 1999 to 2011, and you require an article from 2014, so the request button will still need to be visible for all years access is not available.

Links checked 29/05/2019